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Monroe Mansion LLC receives final approval on building permit B1709156BLDR.

Monroe Mansion LLC acquired a building permit for the Monroe Street property.




The City of Spokane took Monroe Mansion LLC to Court for Failure to take Corrective Action.
The bookkeeper for Monroe Mansion LLC mitigated the infraction, and paid a reduced fine of $220.



 2017 Monroe Mansion LLC annual meeting was held at the Tecate Grill on Jan 3.
Pablo, Alvin and Slammin' Sully were all in attendance.



The self-dedicated Ozzy McWeasel Inner-City Natural Wildlife Sanctuary.

Urban Weasel Habitat



May 21st 2016 MMLLC Managers meeting held at Spikes.
Entertainment provided by
Danger Bunny Smelterfoot.



 MMLLC and Bunker Buildings constructed a carport at the Lincoln property.




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